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Concierge Services
Concierge Services

Concierge Advocacy

Tucson Senior Services (TSS) offers a unique, affordable service that delivers individual care, partnership, and support through concierge advocacy. This service combines personal engagement to improve the mental and physical wellbeing of our clients, while also delivering complete peace of mind. We are a small-scale, locally-owned and operated business that is intentionally designed to take on a limited number of clients so we can truly prioritize individual care for you or your aging family member.

At TSS, we provide a long list of non-medical concierge services by assisting, coordinating, and educating care for seniors. Whether you are living independently at home or have a loved one residing in an assisted living facility, our experienced caregivers provide the individualized, extra support you are searching for. If you are a senior who needs a little help to remain independent and maintain your current lifestyle, you reside in an assisted living facility that may need additional support, or you’re concerned about a loved one living alone, our services are customized for your evolving needs.

From in-home services to in-residence services, TSS is here to help you remain engaged, comfortable, and safe. You will be able to rest easy knowing you have your own personal assistant and advocate to help you continue to live your best life.

Additionally, we value your privacy. We will not disclose information about you to others without your permission.

Concierge Care

The professionals at TSS will conduct a thorough assessment of your individual needs. We then work with you to develop a plan to meet your unique needs to ensure you are safe, happy, and healthy.

We provide several concierge services with a focus on your needs so you can remain independent and enjoy life to the fullest at any age


Tucson Senior Services offers emotional support and socialization to keep the brain sharp while decreasing the risk of developing dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), studies have demonstrated that social isolation was associated with about a 50 percent increased risk of dementia.

It was also associated with a 29 percent increased risk of heart disease and 32 percent increased risk of stroke. The CDC reports that “loneliness among heart failure patients was associated with a nearly four times increased risk of death, 68 percent increased risk of hospitalization, and 57 percent increased risk of emergency department visits.”

Studies also show many aging adults are at risk of being isolated. Isolation is a leading cause of depression, anxiety, and suicide among seniors, according to the CDC. Tucson Senior Services will visit you in your home or in-residence at least once a week. The duration of the visits can be flexible depending on your needs or the needs of the client.

With regular visits and companionship, seniors are able to retain better memory, make new connections in the brain, and help keep depression, anxiety, dementia, and other health issues at bay. Our clients also get to enjoy time visiting with our caregivers who become new friends that add happiness to their lives.


Home, Health, and Safety Assessments

A safe living space is essential for aging in place. It also offers peace of mind, especially for those with mobility concerns and/or memory issues.

Aging in place is the ability to stay in your own home as you get older. This means planning ahead so that you can continue to live independently in the place you love most. The National Institute on Aging (NIA) reports that planning ahead to age in place is difficult because you never know how your needs might change. This is where both an initial home and safety assessment as well as an annual safety assessment can really help with the planning process.

The experts at TSS can conduct an initial home, health and safety assessment to determine if emergency measures are already properly in place or if modifications to the home are necessary. This can be anything from installing grab bars in the bathroom to removing loose rugs that are a tripping hazard or installing a ramp for wheelchair access. We can also conduct care home risk assessments for those living in assisted living facilities.

Each year after the initial assessment, TSS will gladly provide an annual home, health, and safety assessment. This assessment will revisit what your individual health and safety needs are and ensure that your home is all set to meet them. If not, we will provide a list of recommended improvements or modifications to get your home in top shape so you can continue to live at home and age in place on your own terms.


Medication Management

While our services are non-medical in nature, TSS is able to assist with medication management, which can be tricky for seniors. Whether you’re homebound and need assistance with proper medication disposal or your family member is suffering with memory issues that make managing their medication properly a challenge, TSS is here to help.

The American Geriatrics Society (AGS) suggests that there are certain medications that may be inappropriate for older adults to take. This means knowing which medications should be avoided or used sparingly with caution. Whenever you or an older adult is prescribed a new medication, ask why it’s being prescribed and if is an appropriate medication for your age and condition, according to HealthinAging.org.

Medication management includes a wide breadth of options. From preparing Mediset’s and reminders to monitoring and safely storing medication, TSS offers the level of assistance you or your loved one really need. We can properly dispose of discontinued and expired medications. We also assist with reconciling medications, vital tracking, and ensuring desired outcomes.

Aside from knowing what medications should be taken and in what dosage, there are several factors that seniors may not understand about their prescribed medications. This may include understanding the duration of the medication, reactions to other medications, and side effects. We can educate and inform them of all of these topics and help monitor for undesired outcomes.

Medical Appointments

There are many components to manage when it comes to medical care. Properly making, attending, and following up after medical appointments is critical to ensuring continuity of care.

Communication and collaboration with primary care providers, specialists, the client, or the responsible person with medical decision-making is a necessity. Everyone having the same information is key to making better long-term care decisions for the client’s health.

Tucson Senior Services can accompany our senior clients on medical visits and schedule follow up appointments with doctors and specialists. We will be there every step of the way to explain health information and care plans to help you make the most informed decisions about your health or the health of your family member.

While we don’t provide transportation services, TSS can help coordinate transportation to and from medical appointments. We will also gladly meet our clients at their appointments so they never have to go it alone.



Following a hospital discharge, it is important to follow the instructions from the discharge paperwork. A follow up appointment with the primary care physician should be scheduled as soon as possible. Medications and wound care are imperative to a good outcome and speedy recovery.

Tucson Senior Services can facilitate the following for you or your loved one after a hospitalization:

  • Treatment plan orders.
  • Coordinate follow-up appointments.
  • Ensure the home is ready with necessary medications and supplies for your return home.
  • Communicate the findings and care with the client and family.

Tucson Senior Services is there for you or your recovering senior every step of the way!


Tucson Senior Services can pick up rehabilitation exercises to help continue care following a discharge from rehabilitation services. This may range from physical therapy to occupational therapy and cognitive therapy, to name a few.

Such rehabilitation services can help keep you healthy and your body and mind functioning to their highest ability. Rehabilitation services can also assist you in returning to your “normal” following a surgery, hospitalization, or health event. Additionally, such rehabilitation services can improve skills and functioning for daily living that have been lost or impaired due to injury or illness.

Tucson Senior Services is dedicated to assisting our clients as they continue to develop, recover, improve, and maintain the skills needed for daily living and achieving the best quality of life possible.

Meal and Menu Planning

Eating balanced, healthy meals is imperative to maintaining good health, regardless of your age. Good nutrition can have many health benefits such as the following:

  • Reduce blood pressure
  • Reduce cholesterol levels
  • Help manage blood sugar
  • Increase cognitive function
  • Provides you with energy
  • Helps control your weight

Research shows that “poor dietary habits are considered to be the second-leading risk factors for mortality and disability-adjusted life-years (DALYs) in the world,” according to the National Library of Medicine. For example, BMC Medicine reports other research shows a Mediterranean diet is associated with lower dementia risk, independent of genetic predisposition.

The experienced caregivers at Tucson Senior Services will provide meal and menu planning to ensure your meals meet your body’s required dietary and nutritional needs. We take into account any food allergies and your likes and dislikes. Our experts will also ensure they incorporate your favorite recipes so your meals are as delicious as they are healthy.


Home Organizing, Maintenance, and Management

An organized and well-managed home can improve depression and decrease anxiety. Regular maintenance and upkeep can help identify potential problems early and avoid costly repairs down the line.

At TSS, our experts can assist you with many home organizing tasks such as sorting through clothing or household goods to reduce clutter. We can also be your point of contact to set up ongoing services with vendors such as pest control or heating and cooling experts. Our caregivers can assist you with managing the following:

  • Sorting your mail.
  • Paying bills or setting up auto pay for your bills.
  • Reminders of special occasions to send a gift or card to family and friends.

Tucson Senior Services will also assist you with managing home maintenance and repairs. We will help make a list of needed home repairs or maintenance services based on priority. We then create a calendar of tasks or repairs that need to be completed and schedule them to be completed in line with your budget.

Coordinating Community Activities and Resources

Science and research have shown that social and physical activities can improve emotional, intellectual, and physical wellness for aging adults. Social activities can prevent isolation, loneliness, anxiety, and depression and regular physical activity can prevent or delay health problems for seniors.

Physical activity is essential to good health for those who are aging, according to the CDC. As we age to 65 and older, it is recommended that we participate in regular physical activity of at least 150 minutes a week of moderate-intensity activity such as a brisk walk or 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity activity such as hiking, jogging, or running. Strength exercises are also recommended at least two days a week along with balance exercises about three times a week.

By participating in regular physical activity, you can keep doing your day-to day activities so you can continue to live as independently as possible.

Social activity is also a necessary component of healthy living. The NIA reports that being lonely or socially isolated is not good for the overall health of any person. By participating in meaningful social activities from hobbies with others, volunteer activities, or spending time with family and friends, you will be able to best maintain your well-being and independence as you continue to age.

TSS will seek out physical and community activities as well as resources to help you stay physically and emotionally strong so you can maintain your independence. Physical and social activity help round out your healthcare needs so you can continue to live life as you desire.


Additional Care Services

To make the lives of our clients even easier, TSS offers other care services at an additional charge for your convenience such as:

  • Errand Services- The professionals at TSS will go grocery shopping, gift shopping, perform merchandise purchases and returns, pick up prescriptions, ship merchandise, deliver or pick up dry cleaning, etc.
  • Home Checks- While you are away, TSS can check on your home, water your plants, bring in your mail, and ensure everything is in good working order.
  • Pet Care- We can arrange dog walking, pet sitting, training, and pet boarding if needed.
  • Waiting Service- Our caregivers can wait to appliance delivery, home repair, and maintenance services while you are away.
  • Technology Support- We can assist you with basic computer tasks, using your devices such as your smartphone, smartwatch, security camera set-up, software updates, and basic computer training. We can also arrange repairs and order supplies.

Travel Arrangements- At TSS, we can assist you with booking flights, hotels, rental car accommodations and more. We will research your destination and assist you with making necessary reservations.