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Consulting Services

Consulting Services for Assisted Living Facilities

Tucson Senior Services (TSS) supports assisted living facilities with management issues and trouble-shooting to better serve clients while meeting Arizona state regulations as governed by the Arizona Department of Health Services.

Our experienced team focuses on any issues at hand so your facility can offer top-notch care to seniors while achieving complete regulatory compliance.

The consulting experts at TSS provide advice and solutions based on our first-hand experience as well as current healthcare trends. We take into consideration the demographics of your facility as well as its location and the regulatory requirements it must meet.

What sets TSS apart is that we offer individualized services to meet your senior care facility’s specific needs. We have intentionally designed our small-scale business to offer services to a limited number of clients so we can truly prioritize targeted consultation services for your assisted living facility.


Training for Caregivers

Staffing at appropriate levels has never been more difficult so attracting and retaining the best caregivers is imperative. Assisted living and senior care facilities require properly trained staff to meet healthcare regulations while providing quality care for residents. That’s where Tucson Senior Services consulting services come in! We provide consulting services for improving the care of residents in assisted living and senior care facilities.

As a non-medical consultant, Tucson Senior Services is able to provide your assisted living facility caregivers with the necessary training to ensure they are aligning with facility policies, procedures, and Arizona state regulations.

Our training focuses on your organization’s lead staff so they can learn to lead by example. The training offered by TSS covers the following elements in addition to other topics:

  • Key elements of assisted living regulations in Arizona.
  • How to work with your licensing agency.
  • How to complete an actionable plan of correction.
  • Incident reporting and documentation.
  • Service plans.
  • Menu planning.

Whatever your assisted living facility needs, TSS tailors our consulting services to meet them. Our goal is to train your staff so they can provide the best quality care while remaining completely regulatory compliant. When your assisted living facility needs certified caregiver training, you can count on TSS!


Staff Recruitment & Retention

Tucson Senior Services can assist with coordinating recruitment and retention processes. We will provide assistance for attracting and screening qualified candidates for your assisted living or senior care facility.

The experienced professionals at TSS will determine the best recruiting strategy for your company. The strategies we recommend will take into account your location, the level of care being provided to your clients, and the positions your organization is looking to fill.

Our education and experience equates to consulting services that identify opportunities and methods for improved senior care, stronger caregiver recruitment, and quality staff retention. We will offer strategies to help your assisted living facility reduce staff turnover and improve staff wellness and development. This will allow your business to attract and retain staff to keep it thriving for the long-term.

Furthermore, our experienced, professional consultants ensure that your care facility meets or exceeds all healthcare regulations and requirements so compliance is much easier to achieve.

At TSS, we can also support your temporary or long-term staffing needs with our staffing services. This will allow your organization the time it needs to properly recruit without the worry of being left short-handed in the interim.


Service Plan Assistance

The founders of Tucson Senior Care have more than 25 years of caregiver and training experience in Southern Arizona. With an Assisted Living Manager Certification through the Arizona Nursing Care Institution Administrators and Assisted Living Facility Managers (NCIA) board and a background leading some of the largest, most exclusive care facilities in Arizona, the leadership of TSS offers professional, real-world experience.

Our experienced professionals can assist your staff with developing a user-friendly service plan with the required components to stay in compliance with state rules and regulations. We will help you develop and implement a system with processes and procedures to ensure service plans are reviewed quarterly, biannually (every six months), or annually, depending on the level of care being provided.


State Survey Assistance

Senior caregivers and assisted living facilities are often so overwhelmed and focused on the physical and medical needs of their clients, they can sometimes overlook the requirements of state-required surveys.

Tucson Senior Services consulting services can provide a review of your assisted living facility’s compliance with state-specific regulations through the use of mock surveys. Our consultants can identify any potential problem areas that need to be addressed for compliance.

Following our thorough review, TSS will provide your assisted living facility with a comprehensive findings report. We will review the report and our findings with your management an offer technical assistance in addressing any gaps found. The consultants at TSS will help you write policies and procedures to correct any deficiencies.


Time Studies

Tucson Senior Services offers time studies through our consulting services. We provide your staff with time management forms to track data regarding how much time they take performing tasks throughout their day.

The data captured on our timekeeping worksheets allows TSS to review where your staff members are spending too little or too much time. Time studies allow assisted living facilities, memory care facilities, and other senior care facilities to review where time is being wasted or clients are being underserved.

Once the study is complete, TSS will provide your organization with a comprehensive findings report as well as recommendations for better time management. The end result is that your organization and staff can make workplace adjustments based on the study to optimize use of time, improve client care, and develop better time management skills.


Developing Plans of Correction

Tucson Senior Services consulting services can support your assisted living facility with developing plans of correction to bring it back into compliance. If your senior care facility has already undergone a survey and was found to be non-compliant, TSS can help!

We review your assisted living facility’s survey results in order to develop and implement a comprehensive, achievable plan of correction. Our professional consultants will monitor your facility to ensure the necessary actions are being taken to reach compliance standards with state regulations.

With consulting and support from Tucson Senior Services, your assisted living or senior care facility will be able to operate efficiently and effectively to provide the best care for your clients!


Forms & Checklists

Whether you need help revising existing forms for your assisted living facility or need assistance creating forms fit specifically for your business, Tucson Senior Services consulting services is ready to assist your organization.

Having the proper forms and checklists in place keep things organized and residents safe. A checklist is a way for staff to quickly and easily see how a resident is progressing over time. It can also serve as a visual reminder of client needs, helping staff properly prioritize tasks and schedules so deadlines are met. From forms to checklists, TSS has you covered!